Verity's Dragon 

Science Fiction Novel by 
#1 Bestselling Author
Robert Duncan-Enzmann 

 This is the endgame of Enzmann's epoch sci-fi timeline. 
A tiny speck that carries a secret floats in space for eons. 
If released, this secret will become the most formidable force in the universe. 
An original sci-fi by Robert Duncan-Enzmann!


#1 Bestselling Author Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Quotes from

Verity's Dragon 

Hear the Anvil Clang and Ring1
See the Mighty Hammer Swing2
Clinking Clanking So and So3
Smith and Patience Time the Blow4
Worthy Sons of Tubal Cain5
"Can you keep a secret?
I don’t believe you can.
You mustn’t laugh,
You mustn’t cry.
Just do the best you can."
"This story is of the sister who needs her locket’s secrets. How lucky she is to have it. It was made by a mysterious jeweler, a craftsman from eldritch days, magnificently constructed by the Master from Ur World called the Light Master." -RDE
"It is a locket from Toyland that is played with and learned from. It helps its owner grow, and it also changes itself. This story is about the heart of a locket, a mechanism so forged with love by the mysterious Light Master that its properties seem almost magical."
"In a great struggle, during a battle of long ago, assailing forces are impossibly absurd, but against all odds, the locket still exists. Toyland’s workers fought to the death and are gone."
"They seem to blather about goblins, and as far as is known, any machine or sentient being that isn’t one of them is a Goblin."
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