How Close Are We to Taking Practical Steps Towards Space Colonization? 

This book shows you the way!

The Enzmann Echolance - Reach for the Stars

"The Ultimate Human Machine for the Ultimate Human Endeavor."
#1 New Release
#1 Bestselling Author
Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Here are some of the secrets you will discover inside this eye-opening book: 
Challenges and Solutions for Space Transportation 
The Best Propulsion Methods 
Pros and Cons of Various Starship Designs 
The Revolutionary Enzmann Starships 
Incredible Solutions to Star-Flight Problems 
Compelling Reasons to go to Space  
Hazards of not Going to Space

This manuscript was written to describe the inventions of Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann that makes star flight feasible and increasingly attractive. He wrote the original manuscript in 1984, but it was kept secret.

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This is NOT Science Fiction!!!
This book reveals "the building and launching of Echolance starship fleets can be accomplished without major technological breakthroughs, at surprisingly affordable cost, in a relatively short time, and with beneficial conequences for humans who remain on Earth as well as for those who open up the cornucopia of interstellar space!" -RDE

#1Bestselling Author
Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Quotes from

Enzmann Echolance Reach for the Stars 

"A crucial requirement of ameliorating global problems is the projection of new positive images of desirable, attainable futures."
"This is a plea to open a new frontier for mankind. We need the space, the freedom, the new lands, the possibilities of adventure, the resources."
"We now have sufficient energy available to reach for the stars."
"Let’s set sail for the stars. It’s pointless to wait. Let’s go to the stars in our generation."
"The gains which may be expected from interstellar exploration, colonization, and research are only comparable with revolutions such as humanity’s use of artificial shelter, clothing, fire, wheels, and fusion"
"The fiction of star flight can, and probably will, metamorph into engineering facts before the end of the 20th century."
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