ENDEAVOR   Issue 1

FREA's Research Journal
#1 Bestselling Author Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Inc. (FREA) 
presents ENDEAVOR  1 Premier Issue! A Research Journal
of the Enzmann Archive by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann and Joanna M. Enzmann.
Starships, Planetology, Astronomy, Science Fiction, Timelines, Memoirs, and Symbology. 


#1 Bestselling Author
Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Quotes from

FREAs Quarterly
Research Journal

"In this publication series we plan to introduce different aspects of the Archive with excerpts from chronicles, chronology, and science. There will be papers written on topics including gravity, astronomy, geology, physics, time, history, cosmology, and mythology." -JME
"This system of countdown pre-launch checks is used on every missile and rocket that launches today around the globe. -RDE
"There are not just reasons, but urgent reasons for building unmanned inter-stellar probes and manned starships in the immediate future." -RDE
"Dreams become plans, plans become operations, and operations reel away into history and nostalgia."
"The structure of the Milky Way Galaxy remains fixed as it rotates, i.e., the far-ther out the stars are from the center, the greater their velocity." -JME
"Why is there anything?
That is forever unknowable by anyone or anything within and of the universe. Things are States; caused to begin, caused to change, caused then to end."
"There is a legend, a very, very ancient one, of an immortal child. She is known all over the world by different names. She was named M’Ala at her birth. In China she is called Distant Watcher, but we will use her Greek name, Helen."
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