ALTHEA  Algorithmic Thematic Android

"Before Artificial Intelligence was cool." - ALTHEA

You will be entranced by this story - it is not like any other AI adventure ever written! 

#1 Bestselling Author Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Discover ALTHEA, an unprecedented military tank, challenging every principle of robotics. It's not about war, it's a profoundly moving tale of an AI that yearns to be a child.
"If anything can go right, it will!”

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#1Bestselling Author
Robert Duncan-Enzmann
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ALTHEA Algorithmic Thematic Android 

"This project never had, doesn’t now, and never will exist. There are no records, no evidence whatsoever to suggest it happened, or even that such a thing could happen. All evidence is mulched into the absolute nothingness of primordial chaos." -RDE
"It can only be said that rather than a master program enslaving a machine, the program granted the machine free will."
"How it will end is only once-upon-a-time to be. -RDE
"“And… the A-AN-1A weapon system will also be mobile. Consequently, its ‘brain’ will grasp the rudiments of what mobility means.” -RDE
Our first objective is recognition, so that the program will know with whom it talks. Secondly, the use of secure retinal, hand, and fingerprint recognition.-RDE
We plan to put it in a lance tank. It is being given a catalog of maps, a sense of up and down, right, left, front, back, with knowledge of position, velocity, acceleration, higher derivatives of velocity, and momentum. In addition to this, an encyclopedia of how all common and many uncommon things move.-RDE
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